Saturday, 8 November 2008

Messages From Jesus - Repentance, read by André Walters

Remember, I see you as good and wonderful, for I Absolve, blot-out, and wipe-away, the things you did, being misguided by the darkness of the world. All the good things you have done in the world, are true indicators of your goodness and perfection, and they are blessings upon you. When you remember them, you feel good self-esteem, and are happy with yourself, and love yourself.

The other things you have done in the world, influenced by the darkness of misguidance, are not indicators of your true nature or reality, however they do leave a mark on your conscience, and a curse on your thought process. They must be dealt with. Repentance is the way to deal with the curses on your thought process.

These curses will not go away by themselves, but continue to trouble your precious heart and mind, binding you to memories of regretful words and actions that you would never have done had you not been greatly influenced by the darkness of the world at the time you said or did those things.

Pray this prayer to break all the curses on your thought process.
Dear Loving Jesus, My Lord and Savior, I repent of all the foolish things I have ever said or done. I am sorry for all the harmful things, I have ever said or done to anyone. Please set me free from the curses and bondage of these misguided things, and let my thoughts, words, and actions, be only of Love and Peace.

Jesus, I know you Love me, help me to be sweet and kind, which is my heart's desire. And let this prayer of repentance lay to rest, once and for all, the curses on my thought process, breaking the spell of darkness, and memories of things said and done, under the shadows of darkness.

I Pray, Almighty God of Love

Thank You Jesus

Your Identity

I know you, but you may not know yourself, and you may have lost (forgotten) your True Identity while in the world.
There are those in the world who lead you astray from your True Identity, and confuse you about: who and what you are. Deception can come in many forms. The world admires: the proud, arrogant, the rich and famous, the extravagant, the physically strong, the outwardly beautiful, the highly intelligent and so forth.

But these all lead you astray, and confuse you concerning your True Identity.
And if I did not have ways and means to bring you back to understanding your True Identity, then you would be forever adrift in confusion concerning your real self.To know yourself is really the primary goal in your life, for to know yourself is to know Me, for we are one.

When you see someone handicapped, mentally ill, or someone the world calls "challenged", do you realize they are serving a great higher purpose in your life? Their: humility, honesty, sincerity, innocence, gentleness, goodness, and childlike nature actually restores you to your right mind.

They undo the damage caused by those whom the world admires. They bring you back to understanding your True Identity. And for this you owe them a debt of gratitude. I have placed them there, and cause them to come to you at certain times in your life, to help you. For you too are humble, innocent, good, gentle, honest, sincere, and childlike in your reality. And they remind you of your real self.

Don't let the world deceive you with its many false images and deceptions. Learn of me, for I AM humble and meek and you shall find rest for your souls- know that you also are humble and meek - because we are one.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I know the things you are going through; the stress, grief, anxiety, worry, and fear. The world is like a battleground, where thoughts and affections struggle. And although it seems you struggle alone, that is not the Truth- the Truth is that I Am with you constantly. We are in the same boat.

Remember the story in the Bible, where I was asleep in the boat with My Disciples, as the storm raged, causing them fear and anxiety. You too are in the same boat with us, and you too have seen the angry waves and fierce winds. You too have felt fear and anxiety. But I Am calming the storm and together we shall arrive safely on the other shore.And I am comforting you during the storm of your life.

The Word of Love is your comfort. I Am the Word of Love. And you are the Words of Love. When you receive inspirational thoughts of Love, elevating your thoughts above the material concerns of the world, that's when I comfort you. Then your Spirit is revived, your hope and joy returns.

Comfort one another. For you have My Spirit within you, and the Words of Love that you speak, will comfort others. Speak the Words of Love to one another. Share your Joy, your Peace, your Faith, and your Hope, with one another.

Don't let the world and its nightmare conditions of: suffering, fear, pain, grief, and death of the body, deceive you. You are Mine, and I Am bringing you back to your Joy. Your Spirit is eternally one with Me.

Remember that My Kingdom is not of this world. My Kingdom is Your Kingdom. Our Kingdom is Spiritual, both infinite and eternal. Where together, we share the Joys of Love.

Be Comforted by the Truth of these Words.


Read about oneness with Me in the Book of John, chapter 15.
To be one with Me.......... is to be Me.

Not many of you can accept this message, for you are confused by the world and the illusions of separation. But it must be given for those few who are able to receive it.

Our Love Will Last

The only thing that will last, from your time in the world is the Love that you give, and the Love that you receive. Live your life, knowing that I Love You, Knowing that I Am Your Eternal Oneness. Love everyone, with a compassionate Love, full of Mercy. Let Me be Your Joy. Don't be sad or afraid, be Courageous and Joyful.
I Promise You that you will Live Forever, Always Happy, Always Secure.

I Promise You that I will take care of You Forever.

I Promise You that Your sins in the world are nothing to Me, and I will comfort You, and take away your self-condemnation.

I Promise you I will replace your anxiety with Perfect Peace.

You will know the Truth of Your Love. I Am Your Love. I Am You....Your Higher Spiritual Self..... far above the things of the world. Together ... We are Love ... We are One. That is why You have no need to be sad or afraid - Because, We are One.

I came into the world and overcame the power of death, not that death ever had any meaning at all. But, I showed the world... in a outwardly visible, and easy to see and understand way.... that I Love You, and take upon Myself Your sins, on the cross.

This allows your mind to be released from the spell of sin, which has a powerful hold on you. For sin casts a spell on you, on your mind... and it demands payment. Think of Me as the Payment for sin, - I break the spell of sin that is on you. Rejoice in Our Oneness......In Our Eternal Perfection..... in Our Eternal Life.

Our Love will Last Forever...........I Promise You.

Teaching Love

Salvation from an unloving heart is my work - teaching you the ways of Love, by My Words and Actions. Selfishness is to control and manipulate others to do your will, which is primarily to use others for your own ends, to maintain your condition in the world - for your own, or your own family's material security. Selfishness leads to unhappiness and disappointment.

Trusting Me for your needs will develop Faith in you, and allow your Spirit to blossom like a beautiful flower. I would like you to renounce the ways of violence, renounce the ways of unrighteousness, and renounce the ways of selfish materialism and excess.

I want you to embrace the ways of Peace and Love, sharing and caring and living in harmony. I do not want you to become "Religious", and start feeling like your job is to condemn or find fault in others. Don't push yourself and your beliefs on others, give others room to live and grow. Allow some differences between yourself and others - try to see the beauty of their Spirit. Don't dwell on their beliefs.

Your Job is to be: Loving, compassionate, forgiving and tolerant. Thus, giving Hope to those struggling in sin. Do not take away their Hope. Point them to Me - yet not in a harsh dominating way, but in a gentle way. Serve others, minister to their needs, listen to them, help them to know they are Loved by Me and by You.
Let Me work through You. Let My Love Flow through You. Be a Channel of My Blessing and My Glory.

Share Our Love.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Dynamic Love

The tribulations of the world serve to bring out the best in you. When you are challenged with stressful situations, that's when your Love shines.

The world is an ebb and flow of events, dynamic and changing constantly. Don't worry about trying to understand the meaning of all these events in the world, but know this: Your Love is Dynamic and will be able to deal with anything that arises.

Great Love gives Great confidence. The confidence you need to deal with stress.
When people hate you, or treat you bad, and you help and pray for them anyway, that's Great Love. Then you are showing Greatness. Look at others who act wrongly, or treat you badly, as "sick children", who need much compassion and Love. They are emotionally sick and bewildered by their own set of tribulations.

The strong should help the weak - the strong in Love and Compassion. Loving at all times, in all situations is: Dynamic Love. When your Love is Great, you will also have Great Peace, Great Joy, Great Wisdom. If you withhold your Love from others, for any reason, you are like a fruit tree, refusing to give up its fruit. The emotionally sick need help. Look beyond their actions, look at their needs within. Be a doctor of Love to the sick, and they will recover.

Know this: sin is increasing in the world, causing great tribulation and widespread emotional sickness. Stressful events are coming that you will have to deal with - much like you have to deal with unexpected storms and natural disasters.

Your Love will be able to deal with these events. For you are the embodiment of Love, and Love is your strength and life energy.