Saturday, 8 November 2008

Messages From Jesus - Repentance, read by André Walters

Remember, I see you as good and wonderful, for I Absolve, blot-out, and wipe-away, the things you did, being misguided by the darkness of the world. All the good things you have done in the world, are true indicators of your goodness and perfection, and they are blessings upon you. When you remember them, you feel good self-esteem, and are happy with yourself, and love yourself.

The other things you have done in the world, influenced by the darkness of misguidance, are not indicators of your true nature or reality, however they do leave a mark on your conscience, and a curse on your thought process. They must be dealt with. Repentance is the way to deal with the curses on your thought process.

These curses will not go away by themselves, but continue to trouble your precious heart and mind, binding you to memories of regretful words and actions that you would never have done had you not been greatly influenced by the darkness of the world at the time you said or did those things.

Pray this prayer to break all the curses on your thought process.
Dear Loving Jesus, My Lord and Savior, I repent of all the foolish things I have ever said or done. I am sorry for all the harmful things, I have ever said or done to anyone. Please set me free from the curses and bondage of these misguided things, and let my thoughts, words, and actions, be only of Love and Peace.

Jesus, I know you Love me, help me to be sweet and kind, which is my heart's desire. And let this prayer of repentance lay to rest, once and for all, the curses on my thought process, breaking the spell of darkness, and memories of things said and done, under the shadows of darkness.

I Pray, Almighty God of Love

Thank You Jesus

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