Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Dynamic Love

The tribulations of the world serve to bring out the best in you. When you are challenged with stressful situations, that's when your Love shines.

The world is an ebb and flow of events, dynamic and changing constantly. Don't worry about trying to understand the meaning of all these events in the world, but know this: Your Love is Dynamic and will be able to deal with anything that arises.

Great Love gives Great confidence. The confidence you need to deal with stress.
When people hate you, or treat you bad, and you help and pray for them anyway, that's Great Love. Then you are showing Greatness. Look at others who act wrongly, or treat you badly, as "sick children", who need much compassion and Love. They are emotionally sick and bewildered by their own set of tribulations.

The strong should help the weak - the strong in Love and Compassion. Loving at all times, in all situations is: Dynamic Love. When your Love is Great, you will also have Great Peace, Great Joy, Great Wisdom. If you withhold your Love from others, for any reason, you are like a fruit tree, refusing to give up its fruit. The emotionally sick need help. Look beyond their actions, look at their needs within. Be a doctor of Love to the sick, and they will recover.

Know this: sin is increasing in the world, causing great tribulation and widespread emotional sickness. Stressful events are coming that you will have to deal with - much like you have to deal with unexpected storms and natural disasters.

Your Love will be able to deal with these events. For you are the embodiment of Love, and Love is your strength and life energy.

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