Saturday, 8 November 2008

Your Identity

I know you, but you may not know yourself, and you may have lost (forgotten) your True Identity while in the world.
There are those in the world who lead you astray from your True Identity, and confuse you about: who and what you are. Deception can come in many forms. The world admires: the proud, arrogant, the rich and famous, the extravagant, the physically strong, the outwardly beautiful, the highly intelligent and so forth.

But these all lead you astray, and confuse you concerning your True Identity.
And if I did not have ways and means to bring you back to understanding your True Identity, then you would be forever adrift in confusion concerning your real self.To know yourself is really the primary goal in your life, for to know yourself is to know Me, for we are one.

When you see someone handicapped, mentally ill, or someone the world calls "challenged", do you realize they are serving a great higher purpose in your life? Their: humility, honesty, sincerity, innocence, gentleness, goodness, and childlike nature actually restores you to your right mind.

They undo the damage caused by those whom the world admires. They bring you back to understanding your True Identity. And for this you owe them a debt of gratitude. I have placed them there, and cause them to come to you at certain times in your life, to help you. For you too are humble, innocent, good, gentle, honest, sincere, and childlike in your reality. And they remind you of your real self.

Don't let the world deceive you with its many false images and deceptions. Learn of me, for I AM humble and meek and you shall find rest for your souls- know that you also are humble and meek - because we are one.

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