Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Our Love Will Last

The only thing that will last, from your time in the world is the Love that you give, and the Love that you receive. Live your life, knowing that I Love You, Knowing that I Am Your Eternal Oneness. Love everyone, with a compassionate Love, full of Mercy. Let Me be Your Joy. Don't be sad or afraid, be Courageous and Joyful.
I Promise You that you will Live Forever, Always Happy, Always Secure.

I Promise You that I will take care of You Forever.

I Promise You that Your sins in the world are nothing to Me, and I will comfort You, and take away your self-condemnation.

I Promise you I will replace your anxiety with Perfect Peace.

You will know the Truth of Your Love. I Am Your Love. I Am You....Your Higher Spiritual Self..... far above the things of the world. Together ... We are Love ... We are One. That is why You have no need to be sad or afraid - Because, We are One.

I came into the world and overcame the power of death, not that death ever had any meaning at all. But, I showed the world... in a outwardly visible, and easy to see and understand way.... that I Love You, and take upon Myself Your sins, on the cross.

This allows your mind to be released from the spell of sin, which has a powerful hold on you. For sin casts a spell on you, on your mind... and it demands payment. Think of Me as the Payment for sin, - I break the spell of sin that is on you. Rejoice in Our Oneness......In Our Eternal Perfection..... in Our Eternal Life.

Our Love will Last Forever...........I Promise You.

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