Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Teaching Love

Salvation from an unloving heart is my work - teaching you the ways of Love, by My Words and Actions. Selfishness is to control and manipulate others to do your will, which is primarily to use others for your own ends, to maintain your condition in the world - for your own, or your own family's material security. Selfishness leads to unhappiness and disappointment.

Trusting Me for your needs will develop Faith in you, and allow your Spirit to blossom like a beautiful flower. I would like you to renounce the ways of violence, renounce the ways of unrighteousness, and renounce the ways of selfish materialism and excess.

I want you to embrace the ways of Peace and Love, sharing and caring and living in harmony. I do not want you to become "Religious", and start feeling like your job is to condemn or find fault in others. Don't push yourself and your beliefs on others, give others room to live and grow. Allow some differences between yourself and others - try to see the beauty of their Spirit. Don't dwell on their beliefs.

Your Job is to be: Loving, compassionate, forgiving and tolerant. Thus, giving Hope to those struggling in sin. Do not take away their Hope. Point them to Me - yet not in a harsh dominating way, but in a gentle way. Serve others, minister to their needs, listen to them, help them to know they are Loved by Me and by You.
Let Me work through You. Let My Love Flow through You. Be a Channel of My Blessing and My Glory.

Share Our Love.

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