Tuesday, 28 October 2008


I know the things you are going through; the stress, grief, anxiety, worry, and fear. The world is like a battleground, where thoughts and affections struggle. And although it seems you struggle alone, that is not the Truth- the Truth is that I Am with you constantly. We are in the same boat.

Remember the story in the Bible, where I was asleep in the boat with My Disciples, as the storm raged, causing them fear and anxiety. You too are in the same boat with us, and you too have seen the angry waves and fierce winds. You too have felt fear and anxiety. But I Am calming the storm and together we shall arrive safely on the other shore.And I am comforting you during the storm of your life.

The Word of Love is your comfort. I Am the Word of Love. And you are the Words of Love. When you receive inspirational thoughts of Love, elevating your thoughts above the material concerns of the world, that's when I comfort you. Then your Spirit is revived, your hope and joy returns.

Comfort one another. For you have My Spirit within you, and the Words of Love that you speak, will comfort others. Speak the Words of Love to one another. Share your Joy, your Peace, your Faith, and your Hope, with one another.

Don't let the world and its nightmare conditions of: suffering, fear, pain, grief, and death of the body, deceive you. You are Mine, and I Am bringing you back to your Joy. Your Spirit is eternally one with Me.

Remember that My Kingdom is not of this world. My Kingdom is Your Kingdom. Our Kingdom is Spiritual, both infinite and eternal. Where together, we share the Joys of Love.

Be Comforted by the Truth of these Words.

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